The US Department of Energy 2010 report ‘Operations and Maintenance Best Practices’ concludes the following:

‘Effective O&M is one of the most cost-effective methods for ensuring reliability, safety, and energy efficiency. Inadequate maintenance of energy-using systems is a major cause of energy waste in both the public and the private sector. Energy losses from steam, water and air leaks, uninsulated lines, maladjusted or inoperable controls, and other losses from poor maintenance are often considerable. Good maintenance practices can generate substantial energy savings and should be considered a resource. Moreover, improvements to facility maintenance programs can often be accomplished immediately and at a relatively low cost.

O&M management is a critical component of the overall program. The management function should bind the distinct parts of the program into a cohesive entity. 

From our experience, the overall program should contain five very distinct functions:

 Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Training, and Administration

McQuayService’s planned preventative maintenance contracts will offer your organisation all these functions and provide total coverage of all your maintenance needs.



Located in Dartford, Newcastle and Birmingham McQuay Service offers full after-sales support for the maintenance and repair of all our own HVACR equipment and any other manufacturers’ chillers and AHUs .

With 24/7 engineering support nationwide, we can tailor a programme of comprehensive preventative maintenance to suit your requirements. Our planned preventative maintenance contracts remove the day-to-day worry of maintaining HVACR systems by ensuring your equipment is operating at peak efficiency to enhance its operational lifecycle and help avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

Chiller MaintenanceOur four-hour response service to emergency call-outs ensures we respond quickly and efficiently to HVACR equipment failure and breakdowns to keep your building running smoothly.

All our contracts are tailored to our client’s specific requirements and are supported by our nationwide network of engineers.



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